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Scoping Report

Introduction to Stakeholders


PESC - 6 Meeting Outcomes

PESC - 6 Guidance document

PESC - 6 Report


Presentations from the event 

Information about IPBES processes for newcomers 

Presented by Flore Lafaye de Micheaux


Introduction to the 6th Pan-European Stakeholder Consultation 

Presented by Hilde Eggermont


Capacity building needs and initiatives in the European and Central Asia region

Presented by Axel Paulsch


Introduction to the Invasive Alien Species assessment

Presented by Helen Roy 

For more information about the invasive alien species assessment, we recommend watching the webinar recorded by the co-chairs Aníbal Pauchard, Helen Roy, and Peter Stoett (with subtitles in all UN languages).

The webinar gives an introduction to the assessment, including some of the draft emerging key messages.

It is availableon the IPBES website (at the bottom of the webpage)for all registered reviewers, until the end of the external review period only.


Practical aspects and guidance for the review of the of the Invasive Alien Species Assessment

Presented by Agnes Hallosserie 


Day 1 Wrap Up 

Presented by Mariam Akhtar-Schuster 


Welcome to day 2 

Presented by Cecelia Lindblad 


EKLIPSE, example of a European science-policy interface

Presented by Jorge Ventocilla 


Day 2 Wrap up 

Presented by Eva Spehn