• 2020 Report One Health Belgium Network, Launching event. Find the report here.

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  • 2019 The good, the bad and the ugly: framing debates on nature in a One Health community, Antoine-Moussiaux, N., Janssens de Bisthoven, L., Leyens, S. et al. Sustain Sci (2019). Find the paper here.

  • 2018 SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT PAPER, The impact of human activities and lifestyles on the interlinked microbiota and health of humans and of ecosystems

Related to the 2016-WS, you'll find this paper here.


Elaborating from the European One Health/Ecohealth (OH/EH) workshop that took place in fall 2016 and aimed to bring together different communities and explore collaborative potential, the creation of European networks focusing on the development of important OH/EH perspectives was a direct output from discussions at the end of some sessions, in particular:

  • A network on transdisciplinary One Health education.
  • A network integrating inputs from social sciences in One Health/EcoHealth actions and networks.
  • A network aiming at translating research findings on the Environment-Microbiome-Health axis into policy making, with a view to make healthy ecosystems a cost-effective disease prevention healthcare strategy.

It was also suggested that a European Community of Practice could be initiated in order to support these several concrete networking initiatives, and to help to promote the building of other emerging initiatives.

Related to the 2016-WS, you'll find this paper here.


In this text, various organisations put the importance of the relationship between nature and health on the map. First of all, good news: a lot is already going on! The motorists then go on to take the following steps: where are the opportunities? And what do they propose as the next step: work in store! Finally, an overview of the organisations that work together on this.


The final full report of the European OneHealth/EcoHealth workshop is published online. Don't hesitate to download the Abstract book, check out the pictures and watch the videos of keynote speakers.

Session Reports:

  • Science–policy challenges for biodiversity, public health and urbanization: examples from Belgium

Access the publication here.

  • Research Brief

In 2014, the Belgian Biodiversity and Health Community of Practice published a Research Brief on the need for enhanced capacity building in Belgium on biodiversity & health science and policy. The research brief presents the growing international and national recognition of the importance of biodiversity & health; and aims to inform about the importance of enhanced capacity building in Belgium on Biodiversity & Health science and policy.
Read the Research Brief

  • Inventory of research needs and ideas

In 2012, the Belgian Biodiversity and Health Community of Practice published an Inventory of Research needs and ideas
The document aims to get a clearer view on relevant research topics, the expertise in this emerging field, and the potential for collaboration. The overview aims to detect innovative ideas and potential clusters of research questions and research partners, to be synthesized for BELSPO and others relevant research funding institutions, to be taken into account when designing calls. The inventory round of scientific research needs and ideas regarding biodiversity – public health issues was organised in October – November 2012 and resulted in a wide range of policy needs and research ideas. This document is a synthesis of these results.
Read the Inventory of Research needs and ideas.

  • Policy Brief

The Policy Brief “Community of Practice on Biodiversity and Public Health in Belgium communicates the results of the 2011 Belgian Biodiversity Platform annual Conference on Biodiversity and Public Health. The Policy Brief draws attention for the wish of conference participants for the establishment of a Community of Practice on Biodiversity and Public Health in Belgium, which aim to:
-Build a strong network and stimulate capacity building            
-Produce an overview of the current state of Belgian knowledge regarding Biodiversity and Public Health            
-Respond to the demands of policy makers and stakeholders regarding Biodiversity and Public Health expertise at a Belgian level, as well as the international level; in the context of the establishment of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).
The Policy Brief is available in EnglishDutch and French

  • Report of the 2011 Belgian Biodiversity - Public Health Conference

You can access the report here.