PREZODE workshop 2: Belgian One World, One Health Vision

Please find the outcomes of the workshop here.

Belgian PREZODE Expert Group with support from the Belgian Biodiversity Platform, the FPS Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment and Sciensano, has organised a second workshop (online) on preventing the emergence of zoonotic diseases. The workshop gathered experts in the fields of environment, animal health, human health, science policy, and scientific research. The outcome of the first Workshop and the strategic agenda of PREZODE served as a basis for the discussion.


During this event, we discussed on the implementation of the four PREZODE pillars in Belgium:

1.    Understand zoonotic risks and activities

2.    Co-design solutions to reduce zoonotic risks

3.    Strengthen early systems to detect zoonotic risks

4.    Prototype a global information system for surveillance and early detection


Programme of the event and presentations can be found below



Session 1 (morning session)



9.15- 10.00

Understanding zoonotic risks in Belgium, and activities and solutions to reduce those risks (PREZODE pillars 1 and 2) 

All Sectors on Deck to Jointly Assess Zoonotic Disease Risks – an overview of the JRA Operational Tool of the Tripartite Zoonoses Guide
Ms Tianna Brand, Foresight Advisor (WOAH)

Zoonotic risks in Belgium, what to expect 

Dr Tinne Lernout (Sciensano) 


Breakout sessions  for discussion




Session 2 (afternoon session)


Early warning systems (PREZODE pillar 3)
EU Early warning and response system (EWRS) developments for improving early detection of serious cross border biological threats
Dr. Cinthia Lemos (DG SANTE, European Commission)

Surveillance and early detection (PREZODE pillar 4)

Surveillance and early detection at the interface: getting off the beaten path

Prof. Christian Gortázar (Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM), Spain)


Breakout sessions for discussion


Wrap up and closure