Belgian One Health workshop ‘Innovation’ (wastewater and air quality sensors)

Belgian One Health workshop on Innovation

in monitoring and surveillance of human, animal and environmental health

January 29th, 2024


The workshop’s goal was to brainstorm on the potential of using existing and new sensors and their data to monitor and surveil new and existing pathogens in wastewater and air.


It gathered academics, scientists from different universities and people from industry with relevant expertise for this exploration.

Venue: FPS Public Health, Av. Galileelaan 5/2, 1210 Brussels


Programme :


12:15 Registration, sandwiches and coffee

13:00 Welcome

Prof. Sofie De Broe Strategy and External Positioning, Sciensano Leading Official (ai) of the Health Data Agency

13:05 Belgian One Health Initiative

Dr Dominique Vandekerchove, One Health Science Officer Strategy and External Positioning, Sciensano

13:10 One Health institute KU Leuven

Dr Catherine Decouttere, Manager Access to Medicines Research Centre Faculty of Economics and Business, KU Leuven

13:15 Wastewater surveillance : opportunities and challenges

Dr Raphael Janssens, Scientist wastewater-based surveillance,

Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases, Sciensano

13:35 Insights into Indoor Air Quality: Beyond CO2 to Chemical and Microbial Pollutants

Dr Sarah Nauwelaerts, Sciensano Platform chromatography and mass spectrometry, Sciensano Dr Babette Muyshondt Mycology and aerobiology, Sciensano

13:55 Sensors : newest developments

Dr Marcel Zevenbergen Principal member of the technical staff 'Emerging sensors', IMEC

14:15 Coffee break

14:35 Discussion in 2 parallel groups (wastewater, air quality)

16:15 Presentation of the conclusions

Moderators (Sofie De Broe and Robbert Boudewijns)

16:25 Closure

Prof. Sofie De Broe, Scientific Coordinator Strategy and External Positioning, Sciensano

16:30 End of the seminar