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Joining Belgian forces for a One Health Green Deal

We urgently need a coordinated One Health approach across sectors. The current pandemic is still going strong, and climate disasters are known to affect vital determinants of health - clean air, safe drinking water, sufficient food and secure shelter. This week, the Belgian One Health network (BeOH) has organised a virtual conference on how the EU Green Deal can be best supported in Belgium from a One Health perspective. The Belgian Biodiversity Platform takes you through the highlights of the event.

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Op 4 oktober 2018 organiseren de Universiteit Antwerpen en de Provincie Antwerpen samen met heel wat partnerorganisaties het netwerkevent Natuur op verwijzing. Het event geldt als afsluiter van het project Licht op Groen, kadert in de Leerstoel Zorg en Natuurlijke Leefomgeving, en is tevens een vervolg op de European OneHealth/EcoHealth workshop georganiseerd door de Belgian Community of Practice Biodiversity and Health einde 2016. 

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European OneHealth / EcoHealth Workshop

The importance of human health interlinkages with nature and the environment in general has gained attention in science, policy and society at large. The recent (2015) State of Knowledge review of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the World Health Organization (WHO) addresses the diversity and complexity of the interlinkage between biodiversity and human health and the opportunities and challenges that go with it. In order to better address all (or subsets of) interrelated aspects in an integrated/holistic manner, several integrative frameworks were developed over time. The CDB-WHO State of Knowledge review refers to several of these, such as OneHealth, EcoHealth, the ecosystem approach and One Medicine. One of the key messages from the review to the scientific and policy community and society at large is promotion of the OneHealth concept as a common framework under which all these (other) relevant integrative frameworks can be connected. In a recent CBD parties meeting (SBSTTA November 2015) this CBD-WHO recommendation (among other) was adopted. This means that CBD parties, among which quite some European countries, support the OneHealth concept for the mentioned integration ambitions, and in the near future will have to report to the CBD on state of the art and progress.

Download the final workshop report here.
Download the participants list here.
Download the Abstract book here.
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Find videos of keynote speakers here.


Conference on 'Biodiversity and Public Health'

The 2011 Belgian Biodiversity Platform conference on 'Biodiversity and Public Health' was organised with the support of a Scientific Advisory Committee composed of several experts. The event was an occasion to listen to keynote speakers, to produce material in workshop discussions, and to present posters. See also the photo gallery of the event

The 'Belgian Biodiversity and Public Health' Community of Practice was lauched following the 2011 Belgian Biodiversity Platform conference. 
Read the report of the conference.

If you wish to receive a printing copy of the report, please send an e-mail to Dr Hans Keune.