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One Health aims to integrate a variety of expertise, including fields concerned with human and animal health, and environment/nature/biodiversity, social and economic sciences, and anthropology. One Health is gaining increased attention, recognition, conceptualizations and challenges, both in the realm of science, policy and society. The aim of the Belgian One Health network is to support collaboration, capacity building and communication among Belgian actors.

 The BEOH network definition of OH (based upon a survey before the launch event and agreed upon during the launch event):

Belgian initiatives and organizations connecting the diversity of citizens, sciences and policies to operationalize integrated, efficient and sustainable approaches of human, animal, plant and environment health(s), taking into account other sectors and global trends.



This policy brief is the result of a collaborative work carried out under the initiative of the Belgian Biodiversity PlatformSciensano and the Federal Public Service Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment (Belgium) within the framework of the Belgian One Health (BEOH) Network and is supported on its principle by the Chief Veterinary Officer of Belgiumand the President of the FPS Health. Its contents were compiled during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, and started from the outcomes of the Belgian One Health (BEOH) COVID-19 survey, initiated by BEOH in 2020, but were further developed within the network, incorporating follow-up discussions and practical reflections. BEOH is aware of the fact that some of the following messages are not completely novel.

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LESSONS LEARNT FROM COVID19, Results from a Belgian One Health Survey


Following up from our 2020 survey on the COVID19 experiences from the Belgian One Health community, the information was collated and we present some overall lessons from the COVID-19 crisis. There were 45 responses to the survey, from participants across a wide range of backgrounds (including One Health, Agriculture, Social Sciences etc). Most have been involved in COVID-19 work within the areas of science and policy. All participants know about the EU Green Deal, particularly the thematic areas of Biodiversity, Farm to Fork, Adaptation to climate change strategy, and Circular Economy Action Plan.

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The Covid-19 crisis is one of the most important crisis in Belgium and Europe since WWII. Fighting the health crisis is a top priority today, but to avoid new systemic shocks (of environmental, health or other nature), we need a broader vision and a long-term strategy that addresses socio-economic, environmental and health challenges together and can make the post-crisis society and economy more resilient, sustainable and fair. At the same time, the GREEN DEAL is the new EU growth strategy that aims to transform the EU into a fair and prosperous society, with a modern, resource-efficient and competitive economy.

In this short survey, we open the floor, and pose to you some guiding questions. But please feel free to suggest complementary perspectives. The questions are partly building on the outcomes of the brainstorming at the BEOH network launch event, in order to reap the fruits of that inspiration. 

 The survey is now closed.



The launch event of this network took place on 5 November 2019 at Sciensano, in Brussels. You'll find more information in the event report and presentations on the programme page. Pictures are available here.


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