In this section, you will find tips and tools that can help your work related to biodiversity research, policy and practice.


Research Infrastructures and Knowledge & Technology Organisations

Read the results of a survey to Belgian scientists on Access and use of Biodiversity Research Infrastructures in Belgium (BRIs):

Interested in getting to know Knowledge & Technology Transfer Organisations (KTTOs) in Belgium? Consult our Belgian KTTOs listing:


Interested in retrieving information related to biodiversity research? Access the BiodivERsA database!
BiodivERsA database holds information on past and current funding programmes on biodiversity in Europe (including thematic and blue sky programmes, grants, fellowships and studentships), research organisations, and project-leading researchers.


Biodiversity Data

Read the guidance document on data management, open data, and the production of data management plans

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Do you need software tools to manage, cleanup, visualise, and publish your data online?
Have a look at our tips on biodiversity informatics tools and standards!



Science - Policy - Society Interfacing

Interested in effective science/policy interfacing in research proposals? Read the BiodivERsA Guide on policy relevance of research

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Interested in involving stakeholders in your research? Get information on how to proceed in the BiodivERsA Stakeholder Engagement Toolkit


Interested in writing a 'policy-brief' (i.e. a condensed summary of your research in an appropriate format for policy-makers)?
Find support in our published paper on policy briefs or in BiodivERsA document on how to write a policy brief:


Would you like to conduct a knowledge synthesis? Find support in the EKLIPSE report covering 21 existing methods for knowledge synthesis:


Science Communication

Discover the Syllabus of the Science Communication Workshop organised by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform: 

Required to organise a conference? Consult our Memo on how to organise a conference:

Are you approached by media for an interview? Read our Memo on how to communicate with media to get tips on how to ensure an efficient interview, and on how to inform the press on a specific issue / event / publication of interest to the public at large:



Learn to improve your communication skills with The Floor is Yours:

Discover Belgian scientists pitching their research projects in 3-minute videos: Science Figured Out:


Questions Related to Biodiversity 

You have a question related to biodiversity? You are a decision-maker, a practitioner, a non-governmental organisation, a private company, a citizen...?

Ask Oppla!


or send your request to EKLIPSE


You may also consult our recommendations that cover a sensible number of topics.

If the options above are not responding to your needs, contact us! Send an email to and we will try our best to redirect you towards potential sources of information or to address your request internally.