Social science, transdisciplinarity and traditional knowledge systems session


Session coordinators: SĂ©verine Thys & Hans Keune




Session report available here.


The role of the social sciences in interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research and science – society interfacing and inclusion of traditional knowledge systems, is gaining more and more support and attention in different topical fields of interest. In some fields by now this is rather well established, e.g. health and medicine, in some it is starting to get more attention, e.g. the fields of ecosystem services, wild life management, environmental health, and, importantly, in the field of EcoHealth. In the field of One Health there still seems much to gain on including the social sciences beyond the restricted role of addressing the deficit of public understanding of the concept. In this session we will introduce social science perspectives on and experiences in One Health/EcoHealth. We will further discuss challenges, opportunities and barriers for and next steps for enhancing social science integration in One Health/EcoHealth practices.


Session coordinators: Séverine Thys & Hans Keune

Introductory speakers: