Our Mission



Mission of the IUCN Belgian Focal Point


The IUCN Belgian Focal Point aims to:

  • Provide the opportunity for IUCN members in Belgium (and other actors in the field of nature conservation) to meet and discuss conservation issues, exchange best practices and information, and influence national policies

  • Strengthen actions at national level, and better prepare to participate in IUCN processes

  • Keep IUCN members in Belgium informed on the activities and Programme of the Union (e.g. World Congress and its Motion Process)

  • Channel information between Members, Commissions, Secretariat and Brussels EU Representation Office (and vice-versa), and disseminate IUCN products at national level

  • Better engage Belgian experts in the IUCN Commissions’ work, and bring scientific ground to the discussions

  • Exchanges best practices with other IUCN National Focal Points, and National Committees

  • Increase interaction/exchange between IUCN and Belgian Communities of Practices (e.g. Invasive Alien SpeciesBelgian Ecosystem ServicesBiodiversity and Health), Biodiversity Policy Support Organisations (e.g. Capacities for Biodiversity and Sustainable Development – CEBioS), and coordinating bodies at national level.

  • The coordinator of the Platform is member of Council, providing strategic oversight and guidance to the Union (since 2016), and Chair of the IUCN European Policy Advisory Group providing advice on policy matters to the Director of the European Regional Office in Brussels.
  • Increase linkage with relevant international processes (like CBD and IPBES), and their respective National Focal Points in Belgium.