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engage as Expert in IUCN Commissions: 

The six Commissions of IUCN unite 10,000 volunteer experts from a range of disciplines. They assess the state of the world’s natural resources and provide the Union with sound know-how and policy advice on conservation issues.


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Commission on Education and Communication drives change for the co-creation of sustainable solutions through leading communication, learning and knowledge management in IUCN and the wider conservation community.


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Commission on Environment, Economic and Social Policy provides expertise and policy advice on economic and social factors for the conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity. 

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Commission on Ecosystem Management provides expert guidance on integrated ecosystem approaches to the management of natural and modified ecosystems. 


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Species Survival Commission advises the Union on the technical aspects of species conservation and mobilizes action for those species that are threatened with extinction. 

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World Commission on Environmental Law advances environmental law by developing new legal concepts and instruments, and by building the capacity of societies to employ environmental law for conservation and sustainable development. 


obj 5808 World Commission on Protected Areas promotes the establishment and effective management of a worldwide representative network of terrestrial and marine protected areas. 


If you would like to act as expert in one of these Commissions, please contact Divija Jata, IUCN Belgian Focal Point. 


 Engage as a Young Fellow

IUCN offers exiting opportunities for Young Fellows to be engaged:

If you would like to engage as a Young Fellow, please contact Divija Jata, IUCN Belgian Focal Point.