Empowering Biodiversity Research III

25 to 26 Mar 2024 Naturalis Biodiversity Center 2, Darwinweg, Leiden Bio Science Park, Leiden, South Holland, Netherlands, 2333 CR, Netherlands
25 Mar. 24

Empowering Biodiversity Research III

Connecting Research to policy


Empowering Biodiversity Research III:
Connection Research to Policy

Check https://www.biodiversity.be/EBRIII

25 & 26th of March 2024

The Benelux Biodiversity Informatics community and partners are pleased to invite you to the Empowering Biodiversity Research conference, EBR III, taking place on March 25-26th 2024 in Naturalis, Leiden, the Netherlands. We will take you on a journey into the world of biodiversity data standards and tools and will inform you on the latest developments in the world of Biodiversity Informatics, both internationally and locally.

In 2024, we are taking a significant leap forward. Our primary focus will be on effectively utilizing biodiversity data to bridge the gap with Policy. We're determined to harness the potential of both local and international initiatives to drive progress. While you may already be acquainted with well-known entities such as GBIF, ELIXIR, Lifewatch, and DiSSCo, allow us to introduce you to MAMBO, ARISE, and Biodiversity Genomics Europe. Our comprehensive offering includes a carefully curated selection of key nodes, enlightening information sessions, impactful poster presentations, and, of course, a state-of-the-art Biodiversity Informatics market and reception.

For the latest information, check:    https://www.biodiversity.be/EBRIII

For more info contact Dimitri Brosens: d.brosens@biodiversity.be