Launch of the new EU Biodiversity Governance


New Policies, New Practices

Launch of the new EU Biodiversity Governance

15 December 2021, virtual Event

The European Commission and the Belgian Biodiversity Platform hosted the online-event "New Policies, New Practices", launching the new EU Biodiversity governance. This event was originally intended as a the morning programme to the 7th  Biodiversity X-Mas Market on “Biodiversity - New Science, Policy and Practices!” on 15 December 2021.  However, due to Covid developments, the morning session was held virtually while the Biodiversity Market is postponed to spring next year.

While reduced, this virtual event was a great occasion to discover the new landscape and the opportunities the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 is bringing for policy, research, and practice with its new governance framework.

A series of high-level talks allowed the participants to find out more about the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the strengthening of the knowledge base for policy and decision-making through new monitoring and review mechanisms and related opportunities (research funding, science-based policy support, implementation, monitoring, governance…).

You can find the programme here. The event was recorded and can be viewed here

You can find the joint press release here.

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