DiSSCo ~ Distributed System of Scientific Collections

A new world-class Research Infrastructure for natural science collections.


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The Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) is a new world-class Research Infrastructure for natural science collections. DiSSCo sets the physical objects, the specimens, at the epicentre of the development of a robust, quality ensured and fit-for-purpose knowledge base for bio- and geo-diversity. The infrastructure works towards the digital unification of all European natural science assets under common curation, access policies, and best practices that aim to make the data easily Findable, more Accessible, linked and Interoperable and effectively Reusable (FAIR principles).

Its mission is to mobilise, unify and deliver bio- and geo-diversity information at the scale, form and precision required by scientific communities; transforming a fragmented landscape into a coherent and responsive research infrastructure.

DiSSCo represents the largest ever formal agreement between natural history museums, botanical gardens, and collection-holding universities in the world.

Services/facilities (forthcoming):

  • Universal access to European natural history collections through the DiSSCo portal, including physical and virtual (e.g. through digitisation on demand) access managed by the European Loans and Visits System ELViS.
  • E-science services: A one stop shop for services providing discovery, access, interpretation and analysis of complex linked data.
  • Training and support for digital curation, data skills, etc.

DiSSCo is currently in its Preparatory Phase and the supporting project is scheduled to start in February 2020.

Type: Distributed infrastructure 

Status: ESFRI

Creation date: 2018, inclusion on ESFRI roadmap.

Access & costs: Calls for funded physical and virtual access are currently available through SYNTHESYS+ or the short-term scientific missions of the COST Action MOBILISE. The conditions for universal access under DiSSCo are currently being developed.

Website: https://www.dissco.eu

Contact: Dimitris Koureas, DiSSCo Coordinator info@dissco.eu

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