PESI ~ Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure / EU-Nomen

The first all-taxa inventory for European species.


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The Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure (PESI) / EU-nomen enables the correct use of species names and their classification, to more accurately manage information on animals and plants. 

The portal contains nearly 450,000 scientific names, 240,000 valid (sub)species names, and 140,000 vernacular names in 89 languages (see statistics). The portal provides an integrated view of the major European checklists:

Still operating separately (different host institutions, committees, experts and servers) the register’s data is merged yearly in the PESI Data Warehouse and is available through this single portal. In addition to taxonomic information, PESI harvests other information on species (images, literature, distributions, conservation status) and provides links to other portals (e.g. National check-lists, red species lists and other bioinformatics databases such as the Biodiversity Heritage Library for literature and the DNA databases of the Barcode of Life and GenBank). The search interface is the main public access point to information on species living in Europe. However, the portal also provides services for those building their own species applications.

Type: virtual infrastructure

Creation date: 2008

Access & costs:  Free online access



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