About BEES



The BElgian Ecosystems and Society community (BEES) is a growing and active informal network of Belgian ecosystem services experts. The BEES-community is facilitated by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform. It contributes to improve ecosystem-society interactions by facilitating collaboration, coordination and communication among and between scientists, administrators, policy makers and practitioners in Belgium. BEES also helps connecting the Belgian regions and relevant international initiatives such as:

  • The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)
  • The EU Working Group on Mapping and Assessment of Ecosystems and their Services (MAES)
  • The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB)
  • The Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP).



The BEES-community aims to safeguard and enhance the long-term well-being and prosperity of the Belgian citizenry through a sustainable use of nature within ecological, social and economic boundaries, and an equitable distribution of benefits and burdens within and across generations.



The BEES-community provides access to a growing transdisciplinary network of individuals holding valuable knowledge and experiences. This science-policy interface improves effectiveness of decisions regarding ecosystem-society challenges, while increasing  policy relevance and impact of socio-ecological research.



To deepen understanding in ecosystem-society challenges, the BEES-community engages with policy makers, private sector, NGOs, science and civil society. It provides an independent, transparent and informal network for personal exchange, scientific advance and innovative project development. 


In terms of activities, the BElgian Ecosystems & Society community:

  • Promotes inclusion of the diverse values of nature across sectors and policies.
  • Discusses, reviews and develops concepts, tools and practices dealing with the challenges faced by society in using, interacting or managing ecosystems. 
  • Organises events to facilitate capacity building, exchange of expertise and best practices on ecosystem-society challenges.
  • Ensures representation, enables involvement and increases visibility of Belgian initiatives in the international context. 
  • Shares information needs from policy makers to stakeholders and provides overviews of knowledge and best practices to policy.




  • Visit www.beescommunity.be to be get an overview of our latest activities 
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  • Read our co-produced publication of state-of-the-art knowledge on ecosystem services in Belgium
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  • For more information on BEES, contact Dr Sander Jacobs, coordinator of BEES: bees-secretariat@biodiversity