TrIAS is a Belspo-funded project running from 2017 to 2020. The Belgian Biodiversity Platform is actively engaged in this project built on two components:

  • The establishment of a data mobilisation framework for alien species data from diverse data sources
  • The development of data-driven procedures for risk evaluation based on risk modelling, risk mapping and risk assessment.

Concretely, the project outputs will be the:

  • Establishment of an alien species checklist for Belgium (to be published on GBIF): data will be gathered from a large set of regional, national and international initiatives; with a wide taxonomic scope from marine, terrestrial and freshwater environments. 
  • Establishment of an occurence dataset of alien species in Belgium. 
  • Development of indicators to identify emerging species: the combination of obervation data and the checklist will feed indicators for the identification of emerging species; their level of invasion in Belgium; changes in their invasion status and the identification of areas and species of concern that could be impacted upon by bioinvasions. 
  • Elaboration of risk assessments and modelling: data-driven risk evaluation of identified emerging species will be supported by niche and climate modelling and consequent risk mapping using climatic variables. The resulting risk maps will complement risk assessments performed by Harmonia+ protocol.

The project will be developed in open access, therefore ensuring that interested stakeholders in Belgium and abroad can make use of the information generated through TrIAS.  

For more information, please contact Dr. Sonia Vanderhoeven.