INFODAY FP7-ENV-2010 ENVIRONMENT (including climate change)

17 Sep 2009 at 00:00 Brussels
17 Sep. 09

INFODAY FP7-ENV-2010 ENVIRONMENT (including climate change)

The Infoday is for everyone interested in taking part in the Call FP7-ENV-2010. That means researchers, research institutions, companies, Industry, SMEs, Civil Society Organisations, National Contact Points.

Call FP7-ENV-2010

The aim of the Call FP7-ENV-2010 is to continue supporting the main environmental policy and S&T drivers in the area of climate and environmental change, their consequences and the link to other sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture etc.

Furthermore, the goal is to address concretely some new policy drivers such as the development of a post-2012 climate agreement, the Adaptation White Paper, the Communications on prevention and disaster risk reduction, the European Economic Recovery Plan, the Energy-Climate Package as well as the Renewed Lisbon Agenda by taking into account the Strategic Agenda of the Community Lisbon Programme (CLP) (2008-2010) particularly the '10 key objectives' including sustainable consumption and production, renewable energies and low-carbon and resource-efficient products in order to enhance the development and uptake of environment friendly technologies and services.

In the current context of economic insecurity and the emerging and increasing competition for natural resources and environmental services, the aim of the WP2010 is to address 'Environmental safety and welfare' as an overarching theme for all activities across the work programme 2010. The objective would be, through research, to contribute to assessing, reducing and preventing tensions and conflicts related to the depletion of natural resources and  environmental services which are arising due to rapid environmental changes and/or natural and man-made hazards.

More information on the Call will be available on CORDIS

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