IUCN Belgian Members day

08 May 2023 at 00:00 Royal Belgian Institute for Natural Sciences Rue Vautier - Vautierstraat, Espace LĂ©opold - Leopoldruimte, Brussels, Ixelles - Elsene, Brussels-Capital, 1050, Belgium
8 May. 23

IUCN Belgian Members day

Monday 8th of May, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences - Brussels

Registration for the event is closed, email Lennie Plaetinck (l.plaetinck@biodiversity.be) with a short motivation if you'd still like to attend.

The IUCN Belgian National Focal Point invites Belgian IUCN members and all interested stakeholders to the first Belgian IUCN members day. This will be an all-day information session on the work of 
IUCN, including the European work programme, IUCN tools, Commissions, and member engagement through the Regional Conservation Forum and World Conservation Congress. The event will be the first of its kind with the overall objective to increase awareness, reinforce engagement by Belgian experts and members, and demonstrate IUCN's value proposition. 

Be sure to check out the full programme for more information 


Speakers for the day include members of the IUCN secretariat, Belgian Members and representatives of the IUCN European Regional Office. 


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Sonia Peña Moreno 

Sonia Peña Moreno is the Director of the International Policy Centre of IUCN. She leads IUCN’s biodiversity policy work, mainly in the context of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), but also with respect to other biodiversity-related conventions and agreements as well as UN processes.

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Thomas Brooks

Thomas Brooks is Chief Scientist at the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), based in Gland, Switzerland. His responsibilities include scientific support to the delivery of knowledge products under IUCN standards (such as the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species), maintaining IUCN interaction with peer scientific institutions, and strengthening the Union’s culture of science. 

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Hilde Eggermont 

Hilde Eggermont is the Strategic Coordinator of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform. She has been IUCN Councillor for West Europe since 2016 and also currently holds one of the four titles for IUCN Vice President. Hilde's day to day activities focus largely on making the bridge between science, policy and practice in the context of European initiatives and global initiatives. She is also the chair of Biodiversa+ (the European Biodiversity Partnership) and the IPBES focal point for Belgium. 

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Jean-Christophe Vié 

Jean-Christophe Vié is Director General of Fondation Franklinia, a foundation dedicated to the conservation of the world’s threatened tree species. He previously spent 17 years working for the IUCN Secretariat, first as the coordinator of its programme in Guinea-Bissau and then Deputy Director of its Global Species Programme. He joined the Species Survival Commission almost 30 years ago.

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Boris Erg 

Boris Erg is the Director of the IUCN European Regional Office. He has more than 20 years of experience in nature conservation and natural resource management. Boris’ core expertise is governance and management of natural resources. Throughout his career, he has promoted the concepts of equitable governance of natural resources and nature-based solutions as a response to growing societal and environmental challenges.


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Peter Galbusera 

Peter Galbusera is currently a conservation geneticist/biologist at the Antwerp Center for Research and Conservation (Antwerp CRC) of ZOO Antwerp and ZOO Planckendael.  He coordinates and participates in projects on (applied) molecular genetics of zoo populations or wild populations of golden-headed lion tamarins, white storks, deer boars, to name a few. He is also responsible for the (worldwide) breeding program of the golden-headed lion tamarin, the European breeding program (EEP) for the Congo peafowl and the European studbook (ESB) of the Mexican soldier's macaw.

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Divija Jata 

DJ is the Operational Coordinator of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform. She has been IUCN focal point for Belgium since 2021 and was head of delegation for Belgium at the 2020 World Conservation Congress. Through coordinating Platform activities, DJ specialises in networking, communications, and engagement of stakeholders at national, international and European levels of science policy. DJ is also on the steering committee of the Interregional Committee for Europe, North and Central Asia.  


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Arnaud Goessens

Arnaud is the Associate Director of EU Policy at the Wildlife Conservation Society EU Office. He works on the science-policy interface related to wildlife trade, One Health, and pandemic prevention, and leads on engagement with the Belgian government on conservation issues. He previously served in intergovernmental organizations including UNDP and the European Commission.



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Alberto Arroyo Schnell

Alberto Arroyo Schnell is Head of Policy and Programme at the European Regional Office of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). He has held leading positions on EU environmental policy for the past 15 years, previously chairing the European Habitats Forum andworking at WWF. His current focus is working together with the key sectors related to / impacted by / benefiting from biodiversity and nature, aiming to find ways to achieve the environmental targets jointly and to ensure ownership of these targets by all stakeholders. He has a background in Forestry Engineering

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Chris Mahon

Chris Mahon is the Chair of the IUCN Global Group for National and Regional Committee Development and Co-Chair of the Interregional Committee for Europe, North and Central Asia. He is also the Chair of the IUCN National Committee UK. He is an experienced business owner with a history of working in the environmental services industry (30+ years) in the public, private and voluntary sectors at local, national, regional and international levels. Chris is a strong business development professional skilled in strategic planning and engagement, environmental awareness and communications, natural resource management and report writing.

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