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Biodiversity Newsflash 82

September 2018

1 | Data Use workshop

As Belgian Node to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), the Belgian Biodiversity Platform organises a 2-day workshop on Data Use 

This Data Use workshop will be an occasion to learn about the GBIF.org portal, open data principles, and some exciting data visualisation tools. You will also increase your skills in open biodiversity data and you will discover tools for data management and visualisation. Please use this registration form to mark your interest. More information can be found on the event page.

Since the workshop is limited to 20 participants, candidates are asked to motivate their participation.

When? 20-21 September 2018
Where? Belspo, Brussels

For more information about the workshop, please contact Andre Heughebaert, our GBIF Belgian Node manager.

2 | IPBES Belgian Uptake event

You are invited to the IPBES Belgian Uptake event, a one-day opportunity to learn and discuss about IPBES, its outputs, its impact and future work. There will be substantial focus on the Europe and Central Asia assessment (ECA assessment) and opportunities to discuss how to take actions in Belgium based on its findings. You will also learn how you can engage in IPBES and you will meet with several Belgian IPBES experts, and the ECA assessment Co-Chair. 

Presentations, panel discussions, movie projection and participatory sessions (see programme). This will be exciting! We would love you to be there. You are just a click away from the guest list! The deadline for registration is 21st September.

Where? Herman Teirlinck building, Brussels 
When? 1st October 2018

For more information, contact Dr Hilde Eggermont, National Focal Point to the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES)

3 | Nature - Health networking event "Natuur op Verwijzing" 

The Nature-Health network event ‘Natuur op verwijzing’ will take place on 4 October 2018 in Antwerp (in Dutch). The meeting will be an opportunity for capacity building, networking and collaborations among professionals in the health and nature sectors. Professionals from other sectors are also welcome. The program includes lectures, workshops, walks, networking, open space, a market (with different types of initiatives from research, policy, and practice) and a panel with high level participants.

The event is organised by the University of Antwerp, the Province of Antwerp and the Belgian Community of Practice Biodiversity and Health, as well as many other organisations. This is the closing event of the project Green Light and related to the Chair on Care and the natural living environment of the Department of Primary & Interdisciplinary Care from the University of Antwerp. The event is also a follow-up of the 2016 European OneHealth/EcoHealth workshop.

Where? Elisabethzaal next to the Antwerp Zoo.
When? 4 October 2018

Registration for participants: by 15 September 2018.

For more information, please contact Dr Hans Keune

4 | Register for the BEES Young Scientist Day
The BEES Young Scientist Day 2018 will take place on 5 October 2018 at the Field Research Centre (FRC) and Ecotrons, Hasselt University, in Connecterra. We'll visit the site, have fun, learn about research- society impact, have fun, learn from each other and further build on the ecology and society science-practice network. And have fun. 

What will happen? 

An informal, interactive day focused on developing interdisciplinary cooperation and exploring transdisciplinary opportunities. We will have a fieldtrip with a ranger, share our experiences with short inspiring presentations, and have an interactive "speed dating" session, all while enjoying the nature and scientific atmosphere.

Wait...but why?
First, exchange with peers is essential for research quality and network building. Second, learning to link projects with stakeholders and policy makers in early phases is highly beneficial for impact of your research. Third, ... well it's just fun to meet new people working on similar topics, outside of your office. 

So, please register by 25 September. We welcome contributions on nature and society interactions, ecosystem services, natural capital, trade-offs, conflicts and solutions in spatial planning and broad related issues from all disciplines and projects. 

  • 10:30-12:00: Field trip National Park “Hoge Kempen”
  • 12:00-12:30: Sandwich lunch
  • 12:30-13:30: Keynote dr. Natalie Beenaerts (director Ecotrons & Field Research Centre)
  • 13:30-14:30: Student presentations
  • 14:30-14:40: Coffee break
  • 14:40-15:30: Student presentations
  • 15:30-16:30: Live network mapping game
  • 16:30: Drinks
For more information, please contact Sander Jacobs, BEES Coordinator.
5 | Change of date for the Scientific Communication workshop

Initially planned on the 13th November 2018, our Scientific Communication workshop will take place on 14th November. 

The workshop intends to provide Belgian scientists with tips and tools on how to improve their communication skills. This one-day event will provide insights on multiple communication-related topics: communicating with decision-makers, with media, creating campaigns on social media, developing a communication plan for scientific projects, etc.

All scientists, including early career scientists, are most welcome. The event will take place on 14th November 2018 at Belspo (Avenue Louise 231 Louizalaan) 1050 Brussels.

Registration will be closed by 21st September (or earlier if the last 20 out of 80 seats get taken before the deadline) 

For more information, please contact Angelique Berhault, Communication coordinator of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform.
6 | BEES Market 2018 : Call for stands and workshops
The BEES market is the single event gathering research and practice on the topic of 'ecosystems and society' on a Belgian scale. Research institutes and academic groups, administration projects and local initiatives on nature, forestry, agriculture, ecosystem services, environmental justice, green economy etc. meet in a personal and relaxed atmosphere, learning from each other and strengthening the community. 

Please fill out the following submission page for stand and/or workshop proposal and you'll be contacted quickly. Registration for participants will open soon. 

When? 18 December 2018
Where? at INBO headquarters, in Brussels

For more information, please contact Sander Jacobs, BEES Coordinator
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