Main BEES activities consist of the Field Trip, the Young Scientist Day and the Xmas Market

  • The BEES Field Trip
    A new concept : BEES Fieldtrip & Barbecue will take place on 9 May 2018 in the Sonian Forest near Groenendael.

    Every morning, walking to your office, you can sense it: spring is in the air! And you feel the urge to go outside, in nature. But many of us, working on nature-society topics, spend too much time inside, and too less time in ‘real life’ practice. So let’s get out! BEES offers an enlightening morning walk through the Sonian Forest, with several short pitches by practice professionals. You will hear about urban forests, recreation pressure, cultural heritage, biodiversity conservation, wood production, climate,… and how to combine this in a complex governmental context.

    After this walking & talking, we’ll have a BEES barbecue lunch at the nearby Groenendaal Castle terrace. We hope you will be there to meet colleagues from different disciplines and regions, to share your ideas and enjoy spring! The entire event is easily reachable by train from Brussels. We'll meet at 10AM at Groenendaal Station.

    Places are limited, register here before 30th March 2018!


  • The BEES Young Scientist Day 
    The BEES Young Scientist Day is an informal, interactive afternoon aiming at developing interdisciplinary cooperation and exploring transdisciplinary opportunities among Belgian young scientists (PhD students, young postdocs...) active in novel projects in the broad theme of ecosystems & society.
    The BEES Young Scientist Day is an opportunity for people who want to extend their scope beyond strictly specialised or fundamental research, and are interested in exploring the crossroads of ecology, economy, governance and sustainability. The event is made of different sessions using participatory approaches to discuss, debate and exchange on research related to ecosystems and society, and on the impact it can have on policy, practice and society at large. Participants also get the chance to create new collaborations, identify joint research topics and create linkages with policy and practice across disciplines and regional contexts.
    The BEES Young Scientist Day therefore provides an opportunity to exchange with peers, which is essential for research quality and network building.
    Photos of previous BEES Young Scientist Day


  • The BEES X-mas Market
    The BEES X-mas Market brings together people from academia, public administration and civil society, from Belgium and abroad, with one common interest: ecosystem services. The BEES market is the perfect spot to exchange ideas, learn from other experiences and discover how ecosystem services are transformed into real products or daily life applications. The format of the event is a cozy afternoon in a friendly Xmas market-like atmosphere: the perfect event to wrap up the year in a useful and fun way. Participants can choose to have a stand, give a training session or just enjoy the market. 
    The last edition of the BEES X-mas Market took take place in Namur on 12 December 2017.
    Photos of the 2017 BEES X-mas Market
    You can also have a look at the video of :
    -Our 2014 edition
    -Our 2015 edition 
    Photos of the 2016 edition are also available.