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OneHealth/EcoHealth survey

Experiences on OneHealth practice and integration challenges

Survey is closed!

Background of the survey

The importance of human health interlinkages with nature and the environment in general has gained attention in science, policy and society at large. The recent (2015) State of Knowledge review of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the World Health Organization (WHO) addresses the diversity and complexity of the interlinkage between biodiversity and human health and the opportunities and challenges that go with it. In order to better address all (or subsets of) interrelated aspects in an integrated/holistic manner, several integrative frameworks were developed over time. The CBD-WHO State of Knowledge review refers to several of these, such as One Health, EcoHealth, the ecosystem approach and One Medicine.

Among these approaches, the One Health concept has been jointly adopted by WHO, OIE and FAO in their seminal tripartite concept note entitled “Sharing responsibilities and coordinating global activities to address health risks at the animal-human-ecosystems interfaces”. On its turn, the CBD-WHO State of Knowledge review to the scientific and policy community and society at large promotes the One Health concept as a common framework under which all these (other) relevant integrative frameworks can be connected. In the European OneHealth/EcoHealth workshop in Brussels October 6-7 2016 we aim to support these ambitions. We will bring together people from science, policy and practice to exchange experience and views, and discuss opportunities and challenges for integration and practice. Experienced OneHealth/EcoHealth experts, networks and projects from different countries within Europe but also beyond, like developing and emerging countries in the South, will contribute to the workshop, as will representatives from the CBD-WHO State of Knowledge review.

Aim of the survey

This survey precedes the workshop and aims to consult a wide range of relevant experts from science, policy and societal practice to give their views on the OneHealth ambition. Together we aim to formulate key lessons learned and key steps forward messages. By completing this survey you will help us prepare the workshop better and your voice will be heard in the design of the follow-up discussion. After this first survey round we will make a synthesis of the results which will be sent to all respondents for a next round of input. Please forward this survey to colleagues who may also be interested.

Specific information about the survey

Participation in the survey is on voluntary base and you are not obliged to answer all the questions. Involvement in the survey does not require active participation in the workshop in October 2016: even if you cannot take part in the workshop or are not working in Europe, you are most welcome to contribute to the survey and follow-up activities.

Your answers to the survey will be treated anonymously. The contribution of respondents will be acknowledged and the organizers of the survey invite respondent’s active involvement in follow-up activities and publications building on this survey. Respondents can indicate their interest to do so at the end of the survey. If you have any questions, please send an email to

Timing of the survey

The first round deadline will be June 15th 2016. The survey will take you about 45 minutes. An invitation for the second round will be sent in August 2016.



Thank you very much for your contribution!

last modified on 24 May 2016