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RAMSAR policy brief on wetland values

Integrating multiple wetland values into decision-making

The secretariat of the Ramsar Convention has just issued a first policy brief on Integrating multiple wetland values into decision-making.

The Brief is partially based on the work that IPBES has done on the diverse conceptualisations of the value of biodiversity and nature’s contributions to people.
Policy Recommendations in the brief include the following:


  • To achieve wise use, and for wetlands to contribute fully to sustainable development, policy-makers and practitioners1 (such as site managers) should recognise the multiple values of wetlands, and reflect them in their decisions, policies and actions.
  • Assessments of the multiple values of wetlands must include a recognition and consideration of a range of different value systems.
  • Multiple wetland values need to inform collaborative, cross-sectoral efforts. The different sectors engaged in wetland governance should communicate and collaborate to ensure that these multiple wetland values are recognised.
  • Assessments of the multiple values of wetlands should follow credible, legitimate and relevant processes if they are to be accepted and have an impact on policy.

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1 Resolution XII.5, Annex I, paragraph 54 (ii), defines practitioners as including “wetland managers and stakeholders, but also others from related elds, such as protected area managers and staff of wetland education centres.”


last modified on 20 Sep 2017