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How to integrate diverse values into policy-making?

Large debate involving scientists, civil society and citizens on EKLIPSE online Forum


Many ecological, economic and socio-cultural values are attributed to nature and the ecosystem services it provides. This wide range of values is emphasized in different ways in dynamic social contexts and across policy sectors.

We invite you to take part in a discussion on how diverse values related to biodiversity and ecosystem services are integrated, communicated and  incorporated in policy and decision making. Please feel free to share with us your knowledge, experiences, questions and doubts on this topic. We are  looking forward to learning together from examples where diverse values have been succesfully integrated into policy development at various scales.

EKLIPSE will host three science cafes discussing the topic during autumn 2017. Two of them will be held in Budapest, Hungary (in Hungarian) and one EU-wide online science cafe will focus on scaling up local examples. In these science cafes this forum discussion will be used as food for thought to develop innovative solutions to bringing diverse values into policy making.

last modified on 17 Aug 2017