Ocean Conference - Register your...

Deadline for registration: 4th June 2017

The United Nations is organising the first Ocean Conference from 5th to 10th of June 2017 in New York to strengthen work on the SDG14. The main tool for bringing action to the floor is the Voluntary Commitments. These are voluntary commitments that contribute in one way or another to achieving one or more targets under the SDG14*. Projects that have already been started (recently) or initiatives under preparation can be included. The FPS Public Health, Food Chain Safety and Environment has already registered its intention to develop a federal action plan to combat marine litter on the website.

Not only governments (national and regional, as well as provinces, cities, municipalities) but also civil society, associations, schools and companies can enter commitments and voluntary projects. This may be a large-scale project such as the Federal Marine Waste Action Plan, but also small initiatives such as a school's plan to stop plastic packaging, the cafeteria of a football club ending distribution of plastic straws, or a company that develops an innovative project or makes the decision to only offer sustainable fish to its clients.

There are already many initiatives in Belgium and if they could all be registered, everyone would win. On one hand, a good project would gain international visibility and the project promoters / participants would receive additional encouragement and will be even more motivated to move forward. On the other hand, recording a large number of Belgian commitments will confirm the role and ambitions of our country as "champion of the ocean". It will also strengthen our negotiating position.

If you have your own projects (current or future) that are housed under the ODD14, could you enter it in the database?

To communicate your participation on social media, we invite you to use hashtags #OceanConference and # BelgiumSDG14.

The deadline for registration of your project is June 4th.

For information on how to fill up the form, please refer to the manuals (in FR and NL) provided by DG Environment.

For more information, please contact Sophie Mirgaux, DG Envirnoment: sophie.mirgaux@milieu.belgie.be
 t + 32 2 524 95 20 



*In 2015, the international community has adopted sustainable development goals). The SDG14, "Aquatic Life", is dedicated to oceans and seas and consists of 10 targets, including pollution (including marine litter and eutrophication), sustainable management, ocean acidification , sustainable fisheries and marine protected areas.