For public awareness

An animated video on sustainability was produced by UGA Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant and undergraduate students at the Savannah College of Art and Design.

The tranquil video, which runs almost five minutes, begins with a man navigating a canoe along a creek and then follows the water past birds, fish and reptiles that live in forests, marshes, parks and backyards. As rain begins to fall, the narrator talks about the natural way plants and soil naturally slow down rainwater, causing it to spread, allowing water to soak into the soil. This process filters the rain, which eliminates pollutants before the water feeds into aquifers, wetlands, rivers or oceans.

“We want people who watch this to better understand why it’s important to have green infrastructure throughout our communities; it plays an important role in managing rainwater while protecting healthy ecosystems which provide us vital services such as clean air and water, habitat, food, and flood control” said Keren Giovengo, program manager for the Marine Extension and Georgia Sea Grant EcoScapes program.

“Coastal Georgia’s Green Infrastructure & Stormwater Management,” can be viewed here

Contact: Keren Giovengo,