Abstract submission: Deadline – 28 February 2017

The organisers of the "Biodiversity and Health in the face of climate change challenges" conference invite abstracts for brief oral presentations and posters for the interactive sessions on day 2 of the conference. These sessions will address eight specific themes:

(1) Biodiversity or green space? Evidence for contributions to health in a changing climate
(2) Health and protected areas in a changing climate
(3) Psychological effects of nature and biodiversity on human health and well-being
(4) The benefits of green space for enhancing human health – lessons learned from urban interventions
(5) Linking Initiatives in biodiversity, health and climate change action in policy and practice
(6) Allergenic plants and vector borne disease – relevance to human health in a changing climate
(7) Nature-based solutions for climate change adaptation and their role in fostering health and
socio-environmental equity
(8) Planning and managing urban green spaces for health and biodiversity in a changing climate –
Concepts, experiences, practice

Contributions are welcome from practitioners, policy advisers and scientists, and ideally collaborations of these groups that demonstrate successes in partnerships working towards nature-based solutions for health measures in a changing climate - in urban areas as well as their rural surroundings. We invite cross sector and cross border collaborations demonstrating integrative approaches. We hope to get a broad representation of related issues and solutions from across Europe.

Submissions should follow the suggested issues under each heading (for specification of session themes and leading questions see here), if possible, while other submissions are welcome, too.

See abstracts submission guidelines online

Abstracts are to be e-mailed to ecbcc2017@be-frank.de

The deadline for abstract submission is 28 February 2017.