Deadline: 31 January 2017

Thematic Topic Session proposals are now welcome for the Joint Annual Meeting organised by the British Ecological Society (BES), NecoV and Gesellschaft für Ökologie (GfÖ), in association with the European Ecological Federation (EEF), between 11th and 14th December 2017 in Ghent, Belgium.

The Thematic Topic Sessions provide a high profile forum for the discussion of timely, innovative and/or important questions, provide local ‘flavour’ within the programme, and showcase integration among disciplines. The organisors support submissions from across the full spectrum of ecology. However, for this meeting, they are particularly interested in considering proposals centred around:

  • Integration of observational and experimental approaches in ecology
  • New directions in conservation (including rewildling)
  • Eco-evolutionary dynamics
  • Polar and montane ecology
  • New generation biomonitoring methods (e.g. eDNA, metagenomics)
  • Global ecological networks (e.g. GEOBON, LTER, NEON)
  • Human-nature interactions – moving beyond ecosystem services and nature-based solutions

Furthermore, the organisors would like to promote proposals that involve representatives from across BES, NecoV and GfÖ. They receive in excess of 40 proposals each year for ~10 slots. All submissions are evaluated by an academic panel, primarily on the basis of scientific quality.


Each Thematic Topic Session should comprise one 30-minute plenary and six additional 15-minute talks. Organisers are responsible for ordering the presentations within the session, guaranteeing speakers submit their abstracts, ensuring speakers book for the meeting, and chairing the session.

Application Process

Please submit a proposal of less than two pages in length, using Arial 11-point text. All Thematic Topic Session proposals must include the following:

  • The Thematic Topic Session title
  • Name, address and email of the session organiser(s) [three organisers MAXIMUM]
  • A summary/abstract of the Thematic Topic Session [250-word MAXIMUM]
  • A justification of the Thematic Topic (e.g. novelty, timeliness, synthesis) [250-word MAXIMUM]
  • Name of a keynote speaker and their provisional talk title
  • Names and general research areas or talk titles of six other potential speakers
  • The steps the organiser(s) have taken to ensure that the proposal reflects the diversity of the ecological community. For example, the proposal must be in line with the BES equality and diversity statement.

Please submit your proposal to by 31 January 2017

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