Results of the exchange on how the EU can benefit from the momentum created by the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016

The IUCN Brussels office and the Slovak EU Presidency organised on 7 November 2016, the event, 'Outcomes of the IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 - what do they mean for Europe?' which brought together a diverse panel of speakers to discuss the main outcomes of the IUCN Congress 2016 and how they can help drive environment action in the European Union.

Dr Hilde Eggermont, coordinator of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform and European Regional IUCN Councillor, stated that the further establishment of the Nature-based Solutions concept was one of the key outcomes of the IUCN Congress 2016 and an important tool to incorporate biodiversity considerations into business practices. Dr Eggermont welcomed the set-up of a global platform allowing for exchange of best practice between IUCN National and Regional Committees, and the need to continue in this direction. Echoing the words of Ms Andersen, she also acknowledged the momentum the IUCN Congress created in reconnecting people with nature, particularly through the #NatureForAll initiative.

The panel also discussed increasing efforts to better understand and conserve our global oceans that contain 90% or our world's biodiversity. Natural capital - the world's stocks of natural assets that provide us with services needed for our existence - also deserves to be better valued and can help further engage the public and private sectors to invest in nature.

Luc Bas, Director, IUCN European Regional Office summarised "the IUCN Congress 2016 set several clear objectives that are particularly pertinent to Europe. We look forward to work with our Members and partners in the EU to translate these outcomes into action guided by the IUCN European Work Programme 2017-2020."

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