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The Belgian Biodiversity Platform acts as a catalyst to the development and support of new biodiversity research initiatives in Belgium.

Through our contacts with scientists, policy makers and stakeholders, we frequently organise consultations, expert meetings and horizon scanning exercises to reinforce strategic developments in existing activities as well as new research issues related to the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and its components.

We also encourage the establishment of new initiatives and projects on biodiversity science to bolster integrated biodiversity research in Belgium and beyond. These activities offer crucial support to the Belgian biodiversity research community and to the establishment of an effective biodiversity science policy in support of sustainable development.

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform initiated numerous independent activities promoting interdisciplinary biodiversity research. Most of these were established as short- or fixed-term projects, but some have turned out to be so successful that long-term maintenance, updating and/ or extension of the services is being ensured.

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 If you would like our organisation to address some issues, please contact Pierre Huybrechts and state the following information:
  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Which issues you would like the Belgian Biodiversity Platform to address
  • In which format (workshop, conference, training, expert group meeting, guidance for funding, other)
last modified on 28 Jun 2016