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Fund Your Research

Belgian scientists can fund their biodiversity research through:  

biodiversa BRAIN-be Belspo STEREO


Other options include (among others):

-The Agentschap voor Innovatie door Wetenschap en Technologie (IWT)

  •  Flemish organisation offering financial support to research institutes for projects in strategic basic research, collective research and technology transfer; and to individual researchers for support in their doctoral and postdoctoral research projects. IWT Postdoctoral Fellowships focus on research with a strong technology transfer component, and are available to researchers who intend to commercialise their research findings through valorisation agreements with industry or through the creation of a spin-off company. 

-The Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)

  • Support for individual researchers (Doctoral Scholarships). The FWO aims to provide young and promising researchers with every opportunity to do a PhD in the best possible circumstances. The PhD fellowships represent the most important funding channel for achieving this objective. 

-FP7 Marie-Curie fellowships (EC)

  • For individual researchers interested in gaining research experience at a university, the ‘People’ programme offers the best opportunities. This programme is being implemented by systematic investments in people, mainly through a coherent set of “Marie Curie Actions”, addressing researchers in terms of their skills and competence development at all stages of their careers. The “Marie Curie Actions” are open to all domains of research and technological development addressed under the Treaty. Research fields are chosen freely by the applicants.
last modified on 07 Nov 2016