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BiodivERsA is a network of national funding organisations promoting pan-European research that offers funding opportunities for the conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity.

The consortium analyzes and uses national research programmes on biodiversity across Europe and organizes international funding for research projects in this field. (see BiodivERsA annual calls).

BiodivERsA ERA-Net is funded under the European Union 7th Framework Programme for Research.


Biodiversa website

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform carries out a variety of tasks on behalf of BelSPO. These include:

  • The supervision (update and extension) of the BiodivERsA database
  • The identification of knowledge gaps and research priorities (incl. analysis of national research agenda)
  • The supervision of the communication strategy development and implementation
  • The creation of various communication tools, such as the BiodivERsA Leaflet (2015)

As member of BiodivERsA Executive Board, the Belgian Biodiversity Platform also plays a role in discussing strategic decisions related to the future of the consortium.

For more information on the Belgian Biodiversity Platform involvement in BiodivERsA or concerning annual BiodivERsA calls, please contact Dr Hilde Eggermont.

last modified on 23 Dec 2015