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Invasive Species

More and more animals and plants are introduced outside their natural geographic range because of human activities. Some of these species establish and spread in their new environment, ultimately disrupting natural or agricultural ecosystems. They are called invasive alien species.

The Belgian Forum on Invasive Alien Species gathers scientific information on:

  • occurrence
  • distribution
  • auto-ecology
  • possible threats
  • adverse impacts
  • management of invasive alien species

It regularly updates reference lists of exotic species for Belgium, helping land managers and policy makers in the identification of species of most concern for preventive or mitigation actions, namely action plans, legislative tools and voluntary codes of conduct. 

Lists are built using a standardized assessment protocol based on the analysis of the invasion stage and the impact of exotic species.

The forum tools are used by regional, federal and international science-policy bodies. As such, our organisation is frequently requested to provide advice and support to key stakeholders. 

For more information on the Belgian Forum on Invasive Alien Species, please contact Dr Sonia Vanderhoeven.



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last modified on 26 Mar 2013