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Customised Web Portals

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform develops and hosts customised web portals, which are user-friendly websites that showcase occurrence data and allow users to make the most efficient use of data. These websites are crafted by our IT expertise on databases development, geographic information system (GIS) and web design.

The following are examples of customised web portals developed by the Belgian Biodiversity Platform that showcase biodiversity data (data portals, taxonomy portals, and lists of species): 

  FORMIDABEL - Belgian Ants IFBL African Rodentia
  Afrotropical moths


Central African Plants



Paraguyan Ants 


Data portals such as the examples above can easily be customised upon request, by contacting the Belgian Biodiversity Platform. Please e-mail André Heughebaert stating which dataset you would like to showcase in a website. 

last modified on 14 Mar 2017