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Data Use

The importance of data publication lies in the purpose of using data for further analysisFor scientists, having access to an abundance of occurrence data facilitates the correlation of different datasets (e.g. the correlation of data on birds with data on plants within the same geographical region, to get a better overview of a specific phenomenon). For policy-makers, the advantage lies in having access to accurate information necessary to make appropriate decisions regarding sustainable development. Biodiversity data is also useful for conservation managers and professionals working in the field of the protection of species. 

A searchable database of scientific articles in which GBIF has been used, mentioned or discussed in research is available in the GBIF Public Library using the Mendeley academic social network.

Citation of data 

Data is shared according to the GBIF Data Use Agreement, which includes the provision that users of any data accessed through or retrieved via the GBIF Portal will always acknowledge the original data publishers. To cite data retrieved from GBIF or from the Belgian Data Portal, please use this format: 

Biodiversity occurrence data published by: (Accessed through GBIF Data Portal,, YYYY-MM-DD). For example:

Biodiversity occurrence data published by: Field Museum of Natural History, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of Washington Burke Museum, and University of Turku (Accessed through GBIF Data Portal,, 2007-02-22)

last modified on 13 Dec 2012