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About Us

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform provides services to the Belgian scientific community engaged in biodiversity research. We are a Belgian federal Science Policy Office (BelSPO) initiative that works in cooperation with Belgian federated authorities.

As a science-policy interface, we provide neutral and scientifically credible information on all aspects of biodiversity science.

We offer services to scientists, policy-makers, practitioners and stakeholders. 

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform is a multidisciplinary team composed of natural and social scientists (see our personnel section) that provides adequate services to Belgian scientists.

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform was created in 2001 in order to align biodiversity research priorities in Belgium. In 2004, the organisation merged its activities with two Belspo initiatives on biodiversity information (GBIF and Biodiv-Belnet) in order to become an information and communication hub on biodiversity science and research. 

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform collaborates with a variety of actors:



last modified on 24 Feb 2017